January 2017

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   January 2017 - Welcome back!
2 Tools for Finding a Fulfilling Career
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"The vast majority of people want careers that provide a sense of purpose. In fact, new research shows that 75% of millennials will actually take a pay cut to find deeper meaning in their work. How can YOU find an organization and role that needs your skills and values your ideals?"


Study Abroad Practice Interviews

Did you know that 94% of students who get their resume critiqued and participate in a practice interview with Career Services get accepted to their first choice study abroad program?

Practice interviews run from Jan. 23 - Feb. 6. Call to schedule your practice interview today!
CSB: (320) 363-5557 or SJU: (320) 363-3383

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Diversity Job & Internship Fair
Fri., Jan. 27, 1 - 4 pm
St. Cloud State University
Atwood Memorial Center
Click HERE for the list of attending employers.
Bennie and Johnnie Spotlights

Alum: Natalia Hofman, '08 COMM and SPAN Major
Director of US Sales - Kicking Horse Coffee, Los Angeles, CA

"My first piece of advice to students is to be open! My first job out of college was in San Francisco. I had never been there before, but it seemed like the right time to take a leap of faith and be open to a new experience in a new place. My second piece of advice is to facilitate mentorship throughout your career. We have so much to learn from folks who have been 'in the business' for a long time, so make time to connect with people who have a lot to teach and who are willing to learn. Hopefully someday, you can pay it forward to the next generation."

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Natalia Hofman
Intern: Mitch Lampe, '16 ENVR Major
Architectural Intern - DLR Group, Omaha

"Nothing can prepare you for the work and knowledge gained through an internship. Every work place is different in its own success, whether that be in communication, finance, or work ethic. During the internship, expand your knowledge and horizons. Try to experience everything your company, firm, or institution offers."  
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Mitch Lampe
CSB|SJU Career Services
CSB: Academic Services Building, 320.363.5707
SJU: Mary Hall 10, 320.363.3236
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
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