April 2017

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   April 2017
The Elevator Pitch...simplified
elevator pitch

"People usually think of elevator pitches for selling a product or service...but elevator pitches are most important for selling yourself! You meet a stranger...they want to know about YOU! Gaining their trust by getting them to like you and want to help you should be the first goal. Once you accomplish that, you can sell to them."


Talent Summit

If you are looking for internships/jobs in the Central MN area, the Talent Summit is for you!

Thur. Apr. 6
River's Edge Convention Center - St. Cloud

Click HERE to register for the event.

Talent Summit
4-Year Career Planning Guide

career planning guide
If you're a First-Year student, what should you be thinking about in regards to your career? How about if you are a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior?

Those questions are answered in the
Career Planning Guide! Use the checklist as a guide as you navigate college and work towards your career.
Bennie and Johnnie Spotlights

Alum: Sarah Egbers Paper, '97 (PSYC/THEA)
Drama Therapist and Psychologist - Allina Health  

"Being involved in both the Psychology and Theater departments on campus helped in preparation for this career. My professors encouraged me and helped me realize that I had the capacity to do what I wanted to do. Ultimately, the relationships that you develop with the faculty are the most valuable for preparing for the future."

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Sarah Egbers Paper
Alum: David Deutz, '08 (MATH)
Catastrophe Risk Analyst - Aon

"The most rewarding part of my job is being able to provide the client (primary insurer) with new and innovative ways to help them achieve success in their underwriting practices while also showing them how to protect themselves from the worst case scenario/insolvency. Insurance is the transfer of risk. We want to help the client make these transfers in an informed and financially sound manner." 
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David Deutz
CSB|SJU Career Services
CSB: Academic Services Building, 320.363.5707
SJU: Mary Hall 10, 320.363.3236
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
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