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Johanna Jutz

     My name is Johanna Jutz. I'm a Junior,  majoring in English with a  concentration in Creative Writing and I am planning to minor in Art. 

I enjoy watching movies and reading. My bookshelf is overflowing, but so is my movie case. I love coffee mugs, but I don't really drink coffee. I also love my goats. My sister and I have a herd of registered dairy goats that we show at our local county fair. I was constantly making up stories in my head when I was little, but I never really wrote them down. I fell in love with writing after reading Harry Potter in sixth grade. I'm always amazed by what a story can convey, whether it is 4 pages or 300. In the next five years I hope to be working on a novel and an assortment of other writing. 

This is my first year working at the CSB/SJU Writing Center and I'm excited about the possibilities this opportunity will bring.