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Anne DeSutter

   Hiya! I'm Annie DeSutter, a sophomore, Hispanic Studies and Peace Studies double major with the spirit animal of a chipmunk. I enjoy a steeping hot cup of tea, jamming to Fleet Foxes, and reading my favorite book, Walden by Henry David Thoreau. Some day I hope to work for a nonprofit organization but at the moment my biggest goal is learning how to hacky sack. What I really find to be cool though, are words. A single word can have multiple definitions or interpretations. Words are powerful tools, used to think, create, and imagine. Seeing words unify all of their own meanings to create one idea is the reason why I find such an amusement in the writing process. Finding this unity can be frustrating at times but the only cure is more words! Thinking words, writing words, and finding words are all things that I can help with so come see me and we can get your paper moving for"word." 

Annie is studying abroad in Guatemala Spring 2015