Tom Hirschboeck



Tom Hirschboeck  Greetings, traveller! Imagine, for a moment, the vast series of events that brought us together: the social, geographical, and pecuniary pressures that led us to choose this (these) school(s), the monks' founding St. John's Abbey in the 1850s, Columbus' exlporation of the "New World," humanity's move from the trees to the ground, the very existence of life. Yet a question remains: why has all of this occured? As a student of philosophy, I seek the answers to terrifying questions of this sort, and as such I spend much of my time in the struggle to comprehend and to utilize the written word.You'll also find me doing any number of things around campus; I am a member of Swing Catz, I play guitar in Guitar Ensemble and at student masses, and I somewhat regularly attend meetings of the Buddhist Meditation Club. I also enjoy hiking, reading (Kafka and Dostoyevsky are my favorites), and listening to melodic metal along the lines of Shadow Gallery, Dark Tranquillity, and Keldian.