Ruth Lindstedt

Ruth Lindstedt The story of how I got to the Writing Center as a tutor fascinates even me. I didn't know until about six months before I came to St. John's School of Theology that I'd be back in an academic setting. I'd retired from my professional nursing career. My young adult children are long gone and into their own lives. But, there was a sense of call to ministry and that led me to St. John's. There is a greater purpose for retirees like myself than traveling and spending time with friends!

When I was asked to become a tutor at the Writing Center I laughed aloud! I hadn't written an academic paper in forever. But, I'd done a lot of writing: journaling, poetry, memoir, and any number of business reports, plans, and educational programs for nursing staff.

At the Writing Center my focus is to work with graduate students from the School of Theology. But, I like working with undergraduate students as well because their writing assignments take me into topics and ideas I would not otherwise encounter. I enjoy discovering with students how to approach a writing task. I've learned that I'm less of an outline person and more someone who works to build a web of interactive ideas.

When I'm not reading and writing for my classes, I take a break with cooking, taking nature photos, and enjoying seasonally appropriate outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, and cross country skiing.