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Nicholas Smoger

    My name is Nick Smoger, and this is my first year as a writing tutor. I am a sophomore at St. John's University where I study Political Science. I grew up in Wheaton, a small agricultural community in western Minnesota. My hometown is simple and rustic, and the people are timid yet proud. The women care for the children, and the men work hard tilling the fields, sometimes journeying into larger communities to attend Republican Primary meetings or to shop for groceries at Wal-Mart. However, the community is modernizing. Last year a railroad was built through town, and a Subway soon followed. A few weeks before I returned to college, residents were shocked to hear, via telegraph, of gay marriage being legalized in Minnesota two months prior.

Because I grew up in a place without TV, Internet, phone service, or printing technology, I spent lots of time figuring out ways to keep myself occupied. I found leisure in peaceful activities such as picking flowers and painting pictures of farm animals. It was not until I grew older, at my country school- house, that my interest in writing developed. I think good writing, in essence, is articulating credible ideas using refined and organized language. My goal in helping students with their writing is not only to help them articulate ideas, but also to help them generate and articulate good ideas. I hope to see you at the writing center. I'll probably be sitting around, if I'm not visiting family back in Wheaton.

Nick is studying abroad in South Africa Spring 2015