Jake Wagner

What’s up Bennies and Johnnies! I’m Jake Wagner, a junior, Integrative Health Science major with a focus in pre-dental studies. Yes, that’s right folks, my dream is to work inside of peoples’ mouths for the rest of my life! However, don’t let my affinity for teeth and the sciences fool you, I have a passion for the humanities and I even began my collegiate career as an English major. Thus, I am completely willing to offer my assistance on any paper ranging from the wonderful biology 121 lab reports to creative writing essays and even those pesky FYS research papers.
My enthusiasm for writing can likely be attributed to my keen attention to detail and my long-windedness. Therefore, I am eager to work with each person that sets foot in the writing center as he or she is willing to share a minute piece of their time at CSB/SJU with me through the wonder that is writing.