Application Forms

The first step of joining the Upward Bound Program is filling out the application forms.

Printable Forms:

These are PDF files. If you need an application sent to you, please call (320) 363-5268.

Once they are filled out, please mail them to the Upward Bound office. It is very important that they are filled out completely and thoroughly. After you have completed and turned in the application packet, an interview will be set up. Both the parent/guardian and the student will be included in the interview.

To learn more about the Upward Bound application process, please contact your school's guidance counselor or one of the CSB/SJU Program Staff listed here:

Jennifer Whitehead, Program Director
(320) 363-5887

Hien Dang, Program Advisor I
(320) 363-5351

Shelley Gemza, Program Advisor II
(320) 363-5268

Contact Us

Jennifer Whitehead
Program Director
(320) 363-5887 

Sue Weitz
Program Assistant
(320) 363-5268 

Hien Dang
Program Advisor I
(320) 363-5351 

Shelley Gemza
Program Advisor II
(320) 363-5268