Lindmark Fellowship

Application for the Lindmark Fellowship!

Application deadline is March 12, 2018.

The Lindmark Fellowship in Ethics is available to two Saint John's students, holding junior standing, to complete a full-time, on-campus summer research project in professional ethics.

What is the award?

Fellowship recipients receive $7,000 for their efforts, with on-campus room and board expenses paid by the student. Please note, the research topic of "professional business ethics" is broadly construed to include ethical issues in occupations or professions.

Who can apply?

All full-time Saint John's University juniors from any academic discipline are eligible to apply. Eligible students will have held junior standing at the start of the 2017-2018 academic year. As Lindmark Fellows, each student will work full-time, approximately 40 hours per week across a ten-week timeframe starting early June and ending mid-August 2018. Fellows will live on campus and will not be allowed to have any other paid employment during the ten-week fellowship. Twice per month, Fellows will meet with their fellowship faculty advisors.

What if I have questions?

Please contact Lindsey Gutsch, Student Success Center Program Assistant, at [email protected] with any questions regarding the Lindmark Fellowship in Ethics. On-campus interviews, or internet-based interviews for students studying abroad, may be requested thereafter. If interviews are necessary, selection committee members expect to have completed all interviews by the end of March, with notification to selected Fellows by the early April.

What is the selection process?

Students will be selected based on the following items, which should be submitted HERE!

1. A well-written research proposal of no more than five pages, including an additional bibliography of sources from peer-reviewed journals, books, etc. Students are encouraged to work with their proposed faculty advisor to create a research proposal that:

  • Identifies the significance of the selected research topic and how it relates to business/management and/or professional ethics within a particular fieledof discipline. Please be sure to clarify within which specific profession or field the ethical question is situated.
  • Indicates what ethical behavior would be examined by the research. If applicants choose to focus on a policy-related ethical matter, versus a particular ethical behavior, they will need to clarify how this policy impacts a particular profession. Please note, preference will be given to students who make a connection to policies focused on business. 
  • Brings together scholarly literary sources and a specific research methodology that are related to the research project.
  • Demonstrates how the proposed research project will be manageable for the student and his faculty advisor so that the research project will be completed by the end of the ten-week period and an honors thesis quality paper completed as a final outcome of the work.
  • Include a specific plan for presentation or publication of the work.

2. Two letters of recommendation:

  • One must be from the faculty advisor who will direct the fellowship, and this letter should address:
    • The suitability of the proposed research project for a ten-week, on-campus fellowship;
    • The willingness of the advisor to meet (in person or by video conference) semi-monthly with the student regarding the progress of the research and compliance with the conditions of the Fellowship;
    • The willingness of the advisor to continue to work with the student in presenting or publishing the results of the research and the likelihood that the student will complete the Fellowship and ensuing presentation and publication;
  • The second should be from someone (typically another professor) able to make specific comments on the project and/or the candidate’s ability to complete focused research.

3. Resume.

4. Current unofficial transcript.

** Possible interview with members of the Fellowship Selection Committee. (Following the committee’s review of applications, students selected to be interviewed will be notified directly.)

For helpful tips on how to write a résumé, as well as interviewing techniques, please visit the XPD Website. For help regarding your research proposal, please schedule an appointment with the CSB/SJU Writing Center: