College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University distinguished theology faculty form a community of scholars marked by its collegiality and mutual respect. The faculty consider their work as a vocation to serve the church, the students, and the wider academic community through teaching, presentations to various groups, and publications.

Jon Armajani, Associate Professor, PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara

Jennifer Beste, Associate Professor, PhD, Yale, Koch Chair in Catholic Thought and Culture

Charles Bobertz, Professor, PhD, Yale

Kristin Colberg, Assistant Professor, PhD, Notre Dame

Shawn Colberg, Assistant Professor, PhD, Notre Dame

Martin F. Connell, Associate Professor, PhD, Notre Dame

Kathy Lilla Cox, Associate Professor, PhD, Fordham

Kari-Shane Davis Zimmerman, Associate Professor, PhD, Marquette University

Bernard Evans, Virgil Michel Ecumenical Chair in Rural Social Ministries, Associate Professor, PhD, Catholic University of America

Daniel K. Finn, Clemens Professor of Economics and the Liberal Arts, PhD, University of Chicago

Mary Forman, OSB, Department Chair, Associate Professor, PhD, University of Toronto

Michael-Leonard Hahn, Adjunct Instructor

Kathy Janku, Adjunct Instructor

Juliann Heller, Adjunct Instructor, MA, The Catholic University of America; MA, CUA

Noreen Herzfeld, Professor of Theology, PhD, The Graduate Theological Union

Ephrem Hollermann, OSB, Associate Professor

Jeffrey Kaster, Adjunct Instructor/Director YTM, Ed. D, University of Minnesota

Pat Kennedy, OSB, Adjunct Assistant Professor, D. Min, United Theological Seminary

Dale Launderville, OSB, Professor, PhD, Catholic University of America

Kathy Langer, Adjunct Instructor

Anna Mercedes, Assistant Professor, PhD, Drew University

John Merkle, Professor, PhD, Catholic University of Louvain

Michael Patella, OSB, Professor, Holy Land SSD, Ecole Biblique et Archeologique Francaise

Mary Reuter, OSB, Associate Professor, PhD, Duquesne University

Anthony Ruff, OSB, Assistant Professor, ThD, University of Graz, Austria

Bill Schipper, OSB, Adjunct Instructor

Vincent Smiles, Professor, PhD, Fordham University

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