THEO 390 Moral Theology


This course seeks to introduce students to basic concepts and debates encountered in thinking about the moral life and to some fundamental contested issues in contemporary moral debate. The first part of the course focuses on fundamental moral theology and includes such concepts as human action, human agency, natural law, freedom, conscience, and the Christian moral life. The second part of the course focuses on application of Christian moral reasoning to contemporary issues.

Course objectives:

  1. Students will develop an understanding of human action as moral, as well as exploring basic issues in moral psychology (desires, practical reason, virtues, etc.).
  2. Students will gain a knowledge of the role of law, especially the role of natural law, freedom, and conscience, in relation to human action and psychology.
  3. Students will understand the specific and distinctive character of the Christian moral life, with attention to the place of God, the sacraments, and Scripture in moral thinking.
  4. Students will use their knowledge of moral theology to present and analyze contemporary moral debate on a contested issue.