Theater Department

Come One, Come All!
Our 2013-2014 is in full swing!

Spring 2014:

Clever Maids: Stories from the Brothers Grimm

Directed by Kathy Hendrickson
February 20-25 at 7:30 pm and February 22 and 23 at 2:00 pm
Benedicta Arts Center Colman Theater

"It is important that the students know what Story Theater is and that they know that it is not improvisation but in fact scripted material that comes from adaptation of epic stories and through the ensemble's findings in rehearsal. It is written and workshopped by the ensemble. It is a narrative theatrical form where the actors narrate and act the stories simultaneously. We will be working with various found stories and texts for this production: some I will bring ready to go and others will be found and scripts created by the ensemble." -KATHY HENDRICKSON, DIRECTOR

Tickets: $10 and $7. Call (320) 363-5777 or Purchase Tickets

Persuasion adapted from Jane Austen by Melissa Leilani Larson

Directed by Adam Houghton
April 3-5 and 10-12 at 7:30 pm and April 6 at 2 pm
Benedicta Arts Center Gorecki Theater

This romantic comedy follows Anne Elliot, an intelligent young woman who seeks to heal her broken heart while navigating the superficial social life around her. This Regency era story features lovely young ladies, handsome naval officers, foppish nobles, and a seductive Rake. Jane Austen's story has been popular since its original publication and this adaptation is true to the novel and brisk in its action.

Tickets: $10 and $7. Call (320) 363-5777 or Purchase Tickets

Show & Tell

April 25 at 4:30pm
Benedicta Arts Center Colman Theater

ALL ARE WELCOME! This is a chance for CSB|SJU students to showcase their latest theatrical endeavours! Prepare a monologue, rehearse a scene or two, write a play to read, choreograph a dance...the options are literally endless! Just show up and show off!

The Bell by Brian Way

The May 2014 Children's Traveling Theater Tour - Theater for Young Audiences: A Comic Fantasy

Tom the Bellman and his friend Wag, a large lavender lamb, sells bells in the marketplace. One day, a deeply worried man comes to them asking if they could possibly make a "Bell of Happiness". The exciting efforts of Tom, Wag, other actors and the audience (audience participation includes: making sounds, stirring invisible bowls, etc.) create the magical bell through the use of their senses and imaginations.

Running Time: 40 minutes | Audience Size: 200 maximum | Staging Style: In the round - children sit on the floor around the acting space.

Cost (this covers the royalty fee we must pay and transportation): $60.00 for one performance; $100.00 for two performances (in the same location, on the same day)

To book a performance for your school, please contact:

  • Olivia Stewart [] - Theater Office Assistant.
  • Kaarin S. Johnston, Ph.D. [] - Professor of Theater, 320-363-5813. Call or email to receive a Form to Request a Performance.

A peek at our 2014-2015 season:

  • King Ubu, directed by Guest Artist John Ferguson, October 16-19th & 23-25th,Colman Theater
  • The Cherry Orchard, directed by Kaarin Johnston, November 13-16th & 20-22nd, Gorecki Family Theater
  • Proof, directed by Kaarin Johnston, February 12-15th & 19-21st, Colman Theater
  • As You Like It, directed by Adam Houghton, March 19-22nd & 26-28th, Gorecki Family Theater
  • Landscape of the Body, (dance) directed by Leigh Dillard, April 30th & May 1-2nd, Gorecki Family Theater

Overview of Program

The Theater Major Includes:

  • Classes in acting, theater history, dramatic literature, costuming and technical theater.
  • The opportunity to specialize in one of the areas that most interests you.
  • Four full-length productions every year.

Theater Scholarship Recipient Requirements:

  • Theater Scholarship Application (To be considered for these scholarships, students must apply and be accepted for admission.)
  • $1000 Award Recipients: Each academic year, to take a 2-or-more credit theater course or participate (for 240/340 credit) in productions offered by the CSB/SJU Theater Department.
  • $1500-$4000 Award Recipients: Each semester, to take a 2-or-more-credit theater course or participate (for 240/340 credit) in productions offered by the CSB/SJU Theater Department.