Summer break: What should students be doing?

With the end of the academic year approaching, students are talking about their summer plans. Summer is a wonderful time to relax and rejuvenate, but students might not realize it also provides an opportunity to take beneficial steps towards career goals. Whether your son/daughter is a first-year or sophomore who is exploring majors and careers or a junior or senior looking at applying for internships, jobs, graduate schools or volunteer opportunities, the summer is a great time to get ahead in their career.

What can your son/daughter do to move closer to his/her post-graduation plans?


  • Explore the "What Can I Do with a Major in _______" portion of our website to generate a list of career possibilities
  • Research careers by finding out daily tasks, necessary skills, education needed, type of work, salary and job outlook
  • Job shadow someone in a career of interest
  • Complete an Information Interview over the phone or in-person
  • Gain hands-on experience by volunteering, working a summer job, completing research or obtaining an internship using skills related to a career of interest


  • Continue to engage in job shadows/informational interviews to learn more about careers and add to your network of professionals
  • Gain experience by considering club/organization involvement, summer jobs, volunteer opportunities, research or internships
  • Create a resume and have it critiqued by a career counselor
  • Graduate School - Research programs, find out what exams are required and when to take them, request application materials, connect with faculty who can serve as references or write letters of recommendation, and start the application process
  • Apply for jobs/internships - Have application materials critiqued, maximize social media in a search (especially LinkedIn), and network
  • Volunteer programs - Research programs and understand deadlines, prepare application materials and prep for interviews

Encourage your son/daughter to meet with a career counselor before they leave campus for the summer. We want to help them develop a plan that helps them get ahead in their career.