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Housing Policy Change

January 24, 2014

RE: Important Policy Change Regarding Room Selection and Registration

Please read this entire message for important changes in requirements for eligibility to participate in campus housing at CSB/SJU.

Effective in the 2014 Room Selection Process, returning students will now be required to be registered for Fall courses in order to participate in the on-campus room selection process. All students who wish to select on-campus housing must be registered at least 24 hours in advance of the date on which the Room Selection Process they will participate in takes place. The reason for this change is due to an increasing number of students who participate in room selection but delay registering for classes due to academic holds, financial holds and other reasons. These delays create difficulties for the institution in terms of planning for enrollment and retention.

In addition, new federal guidelines now require CSB/SJU to report students who are not registered in a timely fashion, thereby eliminating the opportunity for leniency that we have given students in the past. We must comply with the federal laws or risk losing financial aid funding for students.

By implementing this change in process, we have the opportunity to work sooner with students who have issues to resolve prior to registration. We realize this change may cause concern for some students and we encourage you to reach out to the appropriate office for assistance including:

  • Academic Advising (320) 363-5687 (CSB) or (320) 363-2248 (SJU)
  • Financial Aid (320) 363-5388 (CSB) or (320) 363-3664 (SJU)
  • Student Accounts (320) 363-5387 (CSB) or (320) 363-2193 (SJU)
  • Health Services-CSB (320) 363-5605 (CSB)
  • Residential Life (320) 363-5580 (CSB) or (320) 363-3512 (SJU)
  • Dean of Students (320) 363-5601 (CSB) or (320) 363-3512 (SJU)

Our goal is to work with all students to ensure housing selection goes smoothly for you and your roommates and to eliminate the problems that occur when students are not registered for classes. Criteria to be eligible to select housing:

  1. Must complete Fall 2014 Housing Intent Form no later than Friday, March 14, 2014 at 4:00 pm.
  2. Must register for Fall 2014 classes at least 24 hours prior to the selection process you are participating in.

Room Selection Dates:




April 8th:

Two Person Senior Selection

Six Person Apartments

April 14th:

Four Person Senior Majority

Two and Four Person Apartments

April 16th:

General Senior and Junior Selection

General Senior and Junior Selection

April 22nd:  

Suites and Single Selection for Sophomores  

General Sophomore Selection

April 28th:

Sophomore Double Room Selection

May 1st:

Tentative Summer Room Selection

Tentative Summer Room Selection

Please be sure to read all emails from the Department of Residential Life to get all datails, dates, timelines and applicaotns relatoin to the Room Selection Process so you are able to participate in all processes for the coming year.