How to Write a Winning Nomination

Note: The Student Employee of the Year Selection Committee members stress the importance of a good letter in their decision making process.
  • Select a nominee – consider student employees who contribute to the institution’s work environment in a special and unique way.
  • Write a nomination as a professional reference letter (typed or word processor). If you need assistance with this, please ask for contact either Student Employment Office, the CSB Writing Center, SJU Writing Center, or another supervisor.
  • Stress reliability, initiative, uniqueness of his/her contribution, professionalism, and quality of work, with emphasis placed on the uniqueness of contribution to the institution(s). 
  • Team nominations should include common team goals, individual member responsibilities to the team, and should clearly describe the team's synergy - where the team performs in a way that is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Make the nomination as comprehensive as possible in supporting the nominee. Only the supervisor’s letter will be submitted for the state competition (individual nominations only).
  • Ask the student write her/his reactions to her/his student employment position.  How has student employment positively influenced her/his academics?  How has s/he grown personally and professionally?
  • Include the skills s/he has learned from student employment that will transfer to future employment positions.