Am I Eligible to Work?

Am I eligible to work on campus?

  • January through May
    • Jobs for the next academic year are reserved for students currently working in "regular" student employment positions.
  • June through October
    • Jobs are reserved for incoming students with work awards. 
    • Returning students are not eligible to apply for jobs during this time.
  • October through May
    • Current academic year positions are open to all students on campus.
  • Summer Employment
    • To be considered for an on campus summer job, a student must be enrolled as a full time student at CSB/SJU/SOT in the spring preceding summer or in the subsequent fall.  A limited number of positions are available.
    • Summer student employees are not automatically eligible for academic year hiring.
    • There are no work awards for students working on campus in the summer and earnings are independent of a student’s academic financial aid. 

How many hours per week can I work?

  • If your work award is $1525 you may work 5-6 hours per week
  • If your work award is $2620 you may work 10-12 hours per week

What if I decide not to accept my work award?

Please email the Student Employment Office and let us know.  Please note that due to the large number of students who want to work on campus, incoming students who decline their work award will only be eligible for “waiting list” jobs the following year. 

What if I didn't receive a work award as part of my financial aid award package?

  • June through October
    • You may have your name placed on the work waiting list.  Email the Student Employment Office if you would like to have your name added to the work waiting list.  Jobs generally open to the work waiting list around October 1st.
  • October through May  
    • Current academic year positions are open to all students on campus.  Work awards are determined by the student's eligibility and the size of the departmental contract with the student for the academic year.  Generally, work awards are for 5-6 hours per week, 8-9 hours per week, or 10-12 hours per week.