Recruitment Initiative

Starting Date:  2005-06 recruiting year (spring 2005)
Current Year:  2007-08 recruiting year (spring 2007) – 3rd year of program
SE/Admission Recruitment Initiative Coordinator:  Ellen Link

Purpose:  To provide an incentive for “top priority” recruits to enroll at CSB/SJU. 

The SE/Admission Recruitment Initiative is designed to offer the opportunity for prospective students to interview and be selected for a student employment position prior to enrolling at CSB/SJU.  The program’s focus is for “top priority” students.  These students are defined as: national students (outside of 5 state area), students of color, regent/trustee caliber students, and top priority students as determined by each admission counselor.  

The student employment office will recruit supervisors to participate in the program.  Departments will be asked to offer positions that would attract “high priority” students.  These positions could be in an area of interest for the prospective student (i.e. Biology for a pre-med major), or, the position could be one that is determined to be attractive to enrolling students (i.e. working in the library). 

The SE/Admission Recruitment Initiative Coordinator will be the liaison between the employing departments and the admission counselors.  All communication between the admission office and the employing departments will be handled through this staff member.

Supervisors will be contacted when students have been identified as potential applicants for a particular position.  The student would then complete an application and the supervisor would decide whether or not to interview the student.  The hiring decision is at the discretion of the supervisor. 

If a “top priority” student is interested in a position that is not listed on the recruitment initiative spreadsheet, the SE/Admission Recruitment Initiative Coordinator will contact the student employment office to determine if this position could be considered for the initiative.  The SE office, in consultation with the department, will make this decision.