Frequently Asked Questions

When may I begin looking for a job?

Start your search early and be persistent.  The major campus employers - Dining Service, Custodial Services, and Grounds - hire many students. These departments also offer advancement opportunities in supervisory and managerial positions.  Some departments (academic and administrative) have only a few openings with many applicants. 

How do I apply for a job?

All open positions are posted on the student employment homepage at:  The user name and password for this website are sent to all eligible students in the spring (upper-class), summer (incoming first-year/transfer with work awards), or fall (work waiting list)

Contact the supervisor listed under the position in which you are interested for application and interview information. 

May I switch jobs once I have been hired in a department?

Switching positions during the semester is not permitted.  Once you have selected and been hired in a position, you are expected to remain in the position at least one semester.  Should you decide not to fulfill your commitment for the semester, a two (2) week notice must be provided to your supervisor and you must work the two weeks. 

If I quit my job during the semester, can I get another job?

Because the demand for campus jobs is greater than the supply, if you quit your job you will not be eligible to look for additional campus employment until the following semester. 

If you choose to quit your position before the end of fall semester, you will not be eligible to look for an additional employment position until spring semester.   

What if I decline my work award?

If you decline your work award in the year it is offered, you will not be offered a work award in subsequent years; you may request to be placed on the work waiting list for the next academic year. 

What forms must I complete?