Student jobs available for spring semester

The Student Employment Office has posted numerous job openings for spring semester. The upcoming spring work season offers students the chance to explore additional options and to experience life working at CSB/SJU. Working on campus is a responsibility, but the advantages that follow are worth it.

Here are some of the many benefits that come with having a position on either campus.

  • Money

Not only does extra cash flow help students with everyday expenses such as groceries and gas money, it can also help pay off tuition. Students can choose to have their student employment earnings deposited in a personal bank account, go toward their tuition or use a combination of both options.

  • Convenience

Although having a job in town can be a nice break from the normal routine of staying on campus, working at Saint Ben's or Saint John's can be more convenient. At CSB/SJU supervisors can usually design students' work schedules around their class schedules; so there is no rushing to get to work. On top of that, the workplace is never more than a bus ride away.

  • Professional work environment

The positions available at CSB/SJU are treated with the same regard as a non-college work environment. This helps students obtain skills such as competence, communication and responsibility which they can use in whatever career they are pursuing.

  • Meet new people

The sense of community within our dual campuses is a key aspect for prospective students and is formed not only through meeting people in class and at social events, but also in the workplace. Working among peers gives students the ability to form connections with people they would not normally meet.

  • Résumés

Working while attending college speaks volumes on a résumé. Future employers will appreciate a college graduate who has experience working in a professional work environment and is able to balance personal life with the expectations that come with having a job.

All available jobs for spring 2014 are posted on the student employment jobs website.