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supervision as an experience of conversatio morum, on-going conversion. Prerequisite: “Dynamics of programs/cert spir dir/2016 (2-10) sot-sbm program detail -.pdf
A 10th Anniversary Celebration of Co-workers in the Vineyard of the Lord Partners On May 20, 2015 we gathered a group of partners for a discussion of the authorization for lay ecclesial ministers 10th anniversary.pdf
Force Field Analysis This force field analysis was created on May 20, 2015 in Collegeville, Minnesota by a group of partners and Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary. Process:This force field analysis.pdf
Presentation by Mary Gautier, Ph.D. from CARA Presented May 20-21 in Collegeville, MN Slide 1 AUTHORIZATION OF LAY ECCLESIAL MINISTERS A C A R A P R O J E C T F O R T H E C A N O N L AW S O C I E T Y gautier presentation- cara 10th anniversary.pdf
Ministry Journal, Vol. 1, Ch. 8, Conversatio, editor: Victor Klimoski, Liturgical Press, 2010 faculty publication information/barbara sutton publications 2-done.pdf
All School of Theology and Seminary students are eligible to apply for any Ministerial Residency Positions. Please follow these steps to apply: process-students.pdf process-supervisors.pdf process-supervisors.pdf
Dawn Carrillo, D.Min. Director of Faith Formation and Liturgy Church of St. Mary’s, Melrose, MN              Dr. Barbara Sutton Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary program brochure 2.pdf institute/mi 16/travel information.pdf