"My name is Kayla Johnson (formerly Kayla Becker) I was a member of the National Catholic Youth Choir from 2006-2008 and cannot express how much those summers changed and shaped me.  Throughout the duration of the camp I grew and developed in every facet of life.  I was able to refine my musical skills through the exceptional direction of Axel Theimer; deepen my understanding of the Catholic faith by time spent learning from the Abbott of Saint John's and Fr. Anthony Ruff; and I grew as a person.  NCYC helped me break out of my shell, I became a more confident individual and made friendships that have continued on more almost 10 years later.  Some of the wonderful people I met at this camp became amazing friends at College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University, others remained a phone call away, and one was the singer at my wedding.  I couldn't be more grateful for all National Catholic Youth Choir did for me and hope to see NCYC live on."

- Kayla Johnson 2006-2008 NCYC Alum


"This was a great experience for me to sing with really good catholic singers from around the nation. The passion for good music was alive and very exciting!

The first week is spent in rehearsal. During this week I learned so much about my voice, how to sing properly and how to relax my vocal chords, and the cantor workshop brought things to my attention that I had never thought about before, like how king David wrote the psalms, and when we sing them to God the people listen and join in the prayer with us! It gave me enough knowledge so that I could come back and teach it to others. The director is Dr. Axel Theimer, a former Vienna choir boy and life-long musician, he knows so much about how to make a good choir and is so good at music that he can take musicians from around the country and make them all sound like one voice in one week!!!
The second week you go on tour! This was absolutely the best experience in my life so far! To travel to different parishes and cathedrals and shrines and even a monastery and sing and evangelize through great music was so powerful! And to see the Catholic Church everywhere we went really made the church feel alive!

And I was very comfortable with the orthodoxy of the program...it was conservative enough that I think other homeschoolers would feel comfortable with it. There was a lot of emphasis on serving God, singing for God and there was Mass, rosary, adoration, confession, spiritual direction, etc.. And if I were eligible I would definitely do it again!"

- Kirsten Trudeau 2014 NCYC Alum