The Transforming Power of Hospitality

24-Hour Seminar:  Pray, Study, Reflect, Create

In a setting of prayer and reflection, participants examine issues of great relevance to Christian life and ministry.

Saint John's Abbey Guesthouse
Collegeville, Minnesota

Cost:  $75.00 (includes housing and meals)
Scholarhip funds available to those actively working in ministry.

The Transforming Power of Hospitality

Abbey Church Baptismal FontThe practice of hospitality, in a Benedictine perspective, is about more than delegating the task to a small group of volunteers for Sunday mornings. It is the core dynamic  of being a community as every person shares the commitment to welcome one another as Christ. Such a profound spirit of welcome transforms  relationships, decision-making, and the way we make space for those with whom we might disagree.   Yet, fostering a deeply felt sense of community built on hospitality continues to elude too many Christian leaders and the people we serve. Read More

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Sam Rahberg is Director of The Benedictine Retreat Center of St. Paul's Monastery and a
2005 graduate of Saint John's School of Theology·Seminary.