Louise Perrion


Where did you earn your undergraduate degree from?

I graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in music education. My primary areas were flute and voice. 

Why did you choose the SOT? What year are you in attaining your graduate degree from the SOT?

I am in my first year of graduate school here. I chose this school because I wanted a Catholic foundation for furthering my knowledge of liturgical music. The program here is fantastic; it integrates theology, liturgy and music. When I auditioned here last year, I instantly fell in love with the campus — and all the staff and other students were so welcoming.

How has your experience been thus far?

My experience here has been great! The professors are genuine, personable and knowledgeable. The classes have been interesting, and I'm enhancing my skills greatly. There's so much going on and activities to become involved in. It's a wonderful community to be a part of. 

What is your field of study and other interests?

My field of study is liturgical music. I am a musician through and through: I play flute, piccolo, piano, keyboard and sing. My interests include composing, songwriting, arranging, performing, teaching and studying music. Some other hobbies I have are running, baking, reading and painting. I also love traveling. 

What are you doing in your classes relevant to your field of study?

In my classes I am learning about liturgy and its historical development, theological foundations and current practices. I am gaining a theological foundation for liturgical music as well. I am taking organ, voice and composition lessons. In class, we connect and integrate theology, liturgy and liturgical music, as well as learn about the practical elements that are essential to being a church music director.

What advice would you give to students considering enrolling in the SOT?

I would suggest really reflecting on what you want to accomplish in your life and what you feel called to do. If your calling would be better achieved through attaining a degree in the SOT, then join us — it will be a worthwhile adventure. 

What are your goals after graduation?

After I graduate, I hope to move somewhere with a warmer climate! I hope to either work as a church music director, a choral director at a high school or a teacher at a music academy and to continue developing my private studio. I also will continue composing, songwriting, arranging and performing and see where that leads me!