Formation Opportunities for Students


About the Ministerial Residency Program (MRP)

Our church and world need competent ministers going into the future. At Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary, we prepare seminarians, deacons, and lay ecclesial ministers to serve in various ministry roles in the church and for the world. However, we cannot do it alone. We need teaching parishes and partners. We have established the Ministerial Residency Program to expand our reach to support the formation of the ministers who will carry forward the mission of the church. We are looking for religious organizations, committed to pastoral excellence, to partner with us in meeting the needs of the church and the world.


All full time or part time students are eligible to participate in the ministerial residency program. These opportunities allow students to gain ministry experience while taking courses, and a space to learn and grow through the formation program. Ministerial Residency placements can also be field education placements to meet degree requirements, and are paid positions, which can help relieve the economic stresses on students. Find out more...


Our partners help Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary sustain ministry into future generations by being involved in the formation of the ministers, our students. Churches, religious organizations, and schools all have a stake in the future of our students. Find out more about how you can become a partner...

Site Supervisors

Site supervisors are individuals at our partnering organizations who spend time mentoring and guiding the ministerial residents through their residency positions. Here at Saint John's, we will offer formation for the students, as well as retreat opportunities and resources for our supervisors.


We have a number of helpful resources for our students, partners, and site supervisors. Position postings, how to apply, resume writing, interviewing, formation handbook, and more. Check the right side link bar, or find them here...

Contact Us:

Dr. Barbara Sutton
Director of Field Education and Ministerial Formation
[email protected]
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