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History and Historical Theology (HHTH) Courses

HHTH 400 Patristics (3)
This course surveys church history from the apostolic age to the Council of Chalcedon in 451, with special emphasis on the Apostolic Fathers, the Christianization of the Roman Empire, and the formation of Christian doctrine.

HHTH 403 Medieval Church History (3)
This course surveys church history from the age of Benedict to the eve of the Reformation. Topics include the Christianization of northern and western Europe, the development of monastic and mendicant religious orders, scholastic theology, medieval heresy, spirituality and mysticism, the Christian art and literature of the Middle Ages, and the role of the papacy in creating a united "Christendom."

HHTH 408 Being Christian in America (3)
A historical and cultural survey of Christianity in America, this course fosters a deeper understanding of the religious dynamics of American culture, allowing students both to recognize the seeds of the gospel in America and to offer prophetic critiques of American culture.

HHTH 412 Reformation, Modernity, and the Global Church (3)
This course surveys church history from the age of Luther to the present, introducing students to the historical dynamics that transformed the united "Christendom" of the Middle Ages into a diverse and truly global twenty-first century church.

HHTH 413 Monastic History I: Pre-Benedict (3)
This course examines the rise of monasticism within the early Church of East and West to the time of Benedict. Cross-listed with MONS 402.

HHTH 415 Monastic History II: Benedict to the Reformation (3)
The major changes in the development of Western monastic life took place during the Middle Ages. This course will address those changes, key female and male monastic figures and their writings and the reform movements from the early Middle Ages through the fifteenth century. Cross-listed with MONS 404.

HHTH 417 Monastic History III: Reformation to the Present (3)
Western monasticism experienced a decline in the sixteenth century after the suppression of the monasteries in England and later through the French Revolution, but it again revived in the nineteenth and twentieth century with foundations in the new world. The course will begin with the Reformation and address historical changes up to the Vatican Council II. Cross-listed with MONS 406.

HHTH 424 The History of Christian Spirituality I (3)
This course explores the significant formative elements, experiences, and writers of Christian spirituality in its first seven hundred years. Cross-listed with SPIR 424.

HHTH 425 The History of Christian Spirituality II (3)
Students will study the Christian spirituality of the Middle Ages, especially from the end of the seventh century to the Reformation. Special attention will be given to notable figures, writings, events, institutions and movements that shaped the expression of Christian convictions and practice, up to the dawn of the "modern" period. Cross-listed with SPIR 425.

HHTH 426 The History of Judaism (3)
This course will examine significant persons and movements in the development of Judaism.

HHTH 428 History of Christian Spirituality III (3)
Students will examine the development of Christian spirituality from the Protestant and Catholic Reformations to the present. Also included will be events in Asia, Africa, North and Latin America. Cross-listed with SPIR 426.

HHTH 468 Topics in Church History (1-3)

HHTH 469 Topics in the History of Doctrine (1-3)

HHTH 470 Independent Study (1-3)