Recycling News

Money Saved Through Waste/Recycling Reconfiguration

After monitoring the weekly usage of waste/recycling containers Eva Haber, Custodial Operations Manager, increased the size of recycling containers and decreased the size of waste containers at residence halls around campus. By doing this, Saint John's now saves $5,000 a month on solid waste disposal.  Over the past year, we have saved over $53,000.  The savings are a result of recycling costing less to take away (not taxed) and also due to the fact that these sites now having appropriate size containers (not paying for more than is needed). Monitoring is continuing at sites throughout campus. Look for more reconfiguring of containers and savings in the near future.  

Outdoor Recycling Now a Reality at SJU

During the  winter break of 2010, the SJU Office of Sustainability along with the Grounds Department installed an outdoor recycling program at SJU.  The installment of these bins was in response to strong student/employee desire for more visible and convenient opportunities to recycle on campus.  The new recycling bins are placed throughout upper campus and high traffic areas on campus.  They are set apart from waste bins by their green color and recycling emblem.

The funds for these new bins were generously provided by the SJU Senate, and the Office of Sustainability is looking to continue to expand more public recycling opportunities in the near future so stay tuned.  Take part in making our campus more sustainable by using these recycling bins. 

New Labels on Recycling Bins

Saint John's University launched a new labeling system last year for campus recycling bins.  After research and a review of signage from other campuses and cities, the SJU Office of Sustainability and Custodial Services came up with a new commingled labeling system for all indoor recycling bins on campus.

The new stickers are simple, brightly colored, and image-based to improve understanding of the commingled system. The new stickers highlight the main categories of recycling: paper (magazines, newspaper, junk mail); metal (aluminum, tin cans);
plastic (#1-5); and glass (bottles and containers). 



"We Recycle" Campaign

In 2009, Eva Haber chartered the "We Recycle" program to increase recycling at SJU athletic events. Over sized plastic bottle receptacles can be found throughout Clemen's stadium in the fall and inside Sexton Arena during the winter for fans to recycle their plastic bottles and cans. This program is a partnership with volunteer students and monks.  Johnnie Athletics and Bernick's Pepsi have recently signed on to provide more receptacles and better visibility at Johnnie sporting events.

Collected Bottles and Cans Recycling Container