What We’re Doing

American College and Universities Presidential Climate Commitment

In 2007, Saint John’s University became a charter signatory of the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC). As part of our commitment to ACUPCC, we’ve created a climate action plan that lays out the path to carbon neutrality. By conserving energy, investing in efficiency and conservation, changing fuels, investing in alternative energy and carbon offsets, we'll make it there by 2035.

Sustainability Revolving Loan Fund

Saint John’s has set aside $100,000 for zero-interest loans to projects with cost savings (Revolving Loan Fund). The cost savings will pay back the loan until 120% of the loan is paid off. As the fund grows, more and larger projects can be initiated. A committee of faculty, staff, administration, and students govern the fund. 

Tracking and Monitoring

Tracking and monitoring behaviors, resource usage, and system outputs are critical aspects in helping make Saint John’s a more sustainable campus.  Ever since 2008 we've been quantifying out Greenhouse Gas Inventory which includes transportation, purchased electricity, on campus heating and cooling, fugitive emissions, solid waste and air travel emissions.  We've made a large amount of progress since we started tracking.  We also measure how sustainable we are every three years by participating in the AASHE Sustainable Tracking and Rating System (STARS).  This publicly produced metric includes categories such as Education & Research; Operations; and Planning, Administration & Engagement.  In 2011, we're proud to have earned a silver rating.


Recyclemania is a competition among over 600 colleges and universities to see who can recycle the most and waste the least. Over the 8-week period, schools report recycling and trash data, and are then ranked according to largest amount of recyclables collected, least amount of trash per capita, and the highest recycling rate.

Campus Conservation Nationals

The Campus Conservation Nationals is a three week long conservation competition. This year we will be focusing our efforts on Tommy and Mary Hall. These buildings will compete to achieve the greatest percentage reduction in energy use by the end of the challenge which begins the last week of February and goes 2 weeks into March.

Earth Week

In collaboration with the Saint John's Outdoor University and the CSB Office of Sustainability, we work to coordinate a week's worth of programming focused on the environment.  Tours of the Yak Farm and Forest Mushroom's Farm, bonfires, cook-outs and cook-offs, the return of the fish, tree plantings and tree give-aways, solar tours and greenhouse tours have all been popular ways to become more involved and reaffirm our committment to the planet.

Move Out

Each year we work with Catholic Charities Emergency Relief Services and the Benedictine Volunteer Corps to assist us with move out with our "Goodwill, not Landfill" program. The SJU Office of Sustainability places boxes at the end of every hall for students in which to place their still usable goods. The Benedictine Volunteers Corps members help with collection. Catholic Charities comes to pick up the items and delivers them to people who need them most. In 2013, we sent 31,220 pounds of clothing, school supplies, and food to people who need them.

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