Saint John's Sustainable Campus Committee

 President Hemmesath

Dick Adamson, Co-Chair (VP for Finance and Administration)

Thomas Vogel (Physical Plant)

Br. Lew Grobe

 Br. Nicholas Moe (Physical Plant)

Bill Boom (Physical Plant director)

Br. Isodore Glyer (Guesthouse)

Eva Haber (Custodial director)

Mattie Hawley (Assistant Dean of Students)

Troy Knight (Environmental Studies Professor)

Br. Benedict Leuthner (Abbey Business Office)

Walter Kieffer (FR)

Thomas Kroll (Saint John's Outdoor University)

Gary Jorgensen (Physical Plant)

Sustainability Office (Alexander Celeste, Brandon Dorsey, Jacob Saffert, and Stephen Katz)

Adria Gillitzer (Dining Services)

John Taylor (Institutional Advancement)