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John Cummings


Our parking appeals meetings will be held on Monday's at 7:00 P.M. in Rat Hole (Tommy Basement). I would have the time closer to our meeting but I have to attend Executive Council meetings every Monday at 8:15. We need to have better attendance for these Parking Appeal meetings. We will hold meetings every other Monday in Rat hole to do the parking appeals and also to do a board update. We will be discussing goals at these meetings and how we can all help each other out on achieving these goals. Seniors, you have one last semester to make an impact on this campus. Try to make the most of it and leave a lasting print on this campus. 

Our big initiative is as follows: We are going to set up a table in Sexton for the whole day. We will have surveys to fill out on the table and members of the JB walking around asking people to fill out the survey. The survey would not be time consuming. It would be accurate and we would gather knowledge on simple things we can fix on campus. We would ask simple questions such as:

Are you satisfied with St. John's Senate, why or why not? Give us some feed back on the food on campus. What do you like/dislike? What is some feedback on housing?

These questions could potentially give us feedback on small things we can fix on campus. (I.E. reef breakfast available later than 9:45-10).

These small changes could make big impacts.