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2015-2016 Senate Roster

Executive Board
President: Alex Wald
Vice President: Edwin Torres
Trustee: Ramond Mitchell

Activities and Allocations Board

Chairman: Andy Kuhl
Treasurer: Colin Berg
Club Auditor: Kyle Smith (Fall) & Isaac Lindstrom (Spring)
Club Auditor: Richard Larkin-McLay (Fall) & RJ Alpers III (Spring)
Club Auditor: Andrew Nagel (Fall) & Billy Gagliardi (Spring)

Judicial Board

Chairman: John Cummings
Campus Policies and Procedures Rep: Zac McFarland & Sam Konsor
Community Relations Rep: Ian Cochran
Academic Affairs Rep: Patrick Martin
Student Affairs Rep: Lukas Pitzl

Student Affairs Board 

Chairman: William Jude
Campus Events & Affairs: Steven Pfahning
Cultural Affairs Rep: Stanton Charlton
Men's Issues Rep: Ian Durbin (Fall) & Tanner Heinselman (Spring)
Public Relations Rep: Frantz Soiro

Freshmen Representatives

Freshman Rep: Election September 2015
Freshman Rep: Election September 2015