Boards & Committees

Activities and Allocations Board (AAB)
The AAB manages and allocates the Student Activity Fee ($199) collected from each SJU student. In addition to providing evening and weekend Link bussing, and capital improvements at SJU, the main function of the AAB is to allocate funds to student clubs and organizations. Together with members of the CSB Senate, the AAB forms the Co-Funding Board (CFB), which allocates money to joint clubs. For more information, contact the AAB Chair.

Judicial Board (JB)
The JB works to enhance policies at senate and institutional levels. JB members focus on constitutional documents, student body elections, academic policies, residential life issues, and other campus policies and procedures. For more information, contact the JB Chair.






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The SSB functions to impact student life through communications and programming oversight. These senators focus on enhancing relations with the Joint Events Council, Cultural Affairs Board, Student Activities Office, and Senate Advisory Panel, as well as processing concerns and input from students. For more information, contact the SSB Chair.