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Student Activities and Leadership

Student Activities and Leadership Development
Maribeth Overland, Director
Gwen Schimek, Assistant Director
Trish Doran, Office Coordinator

What are the benefits of Student Activities?

One of the trademarks of a residential University like Saint John’s is an active student body. When the college experience is full-time, students are very creative about how to spend the all-important hours out of the classroom.

Saint John’s encourages student involvement in co-curricular and integrated learning activities as an exciting and valuable part of campus life. Skill development, social responsibility and leadership are the products of these experiences. Student clubs and organizations provide a diverse and stimulating “parallel curriculum,” complete with cultural, educational, recreational, social and spiritual programs that complement classroom study.

How do students get involved in activities?

From their earliest days on campus, students are encouraged to participate in these activities. Formal clubs and organizations are supported by the student government and directed by the Department of Student Activities and Leadership Development. Informal activities are frequently organized on residence hall floors, in classes, by special interest groups and by faculty and administrators. A special club fair, known as Involvement on the Mall, is held annually to educate students and recruit new members. Most clubs offer open membership at no cost (or nominal fee) and their events are open to all. Events for students are posted on the Student Activities and Leadership Development website.

How are student activities coordinated?

The students take primary ownership for activities. All student activity fees are carefully allocated to clubs and organizations following a detailed review of each club’s mission, objectives, and proposed activities/events. The Department of Student Activities and Leadership Development coordinates the club/organization program, assists groups in planning/promoting/implementing activities, and provides leadership development opportunities for students.

How can parents help?

Parents are invited to encourage their sons to get involved on campus and to share their network of contacts for special campus events such as “big name” speakers and entertainers, special seminars, conferences, etc. If you have ideas or resources to share, please contact the Department of Student Activities and Leadership Development at 320-363-5038.