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Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services
Jim Koenig, Director, Information Technology Services
Karla Lauer, Director of Technology Support Services

There are two computer access areas open for student use. They are the Quad Computing Center at SJU and the Clemens Computing Center at CSB. They are open from 8 am to 2 am Monday-Thursday and special hours Friday through Sunday. These are staffed with IT student employees ready to assist the student’s individual needs. Both areas are PC-based, running Windows XP. There are also Macs, laser printers, CD burners and scanners. In addition, the Clemens facility has UNIX workstations available. Training workshops are offered at no charge to all students on both campuses in the Quad and Clemens training centers. For a complete listing of technology services and resources go to the IT Services website at
There are also computer clusters available in the residence halls. See the Residential Life section.
Should students bring their own computers to campus?

Students are encouraged to bring a computer however owning your own computer is not required. It’s simply a matter of convenience. Students who reside in the residence halls are provided 10/100 Mb Ethernet ports in their rooms. Students residing on the campus who do not own a computer are always close to a networked PC since all residence areas have them available 24-hours a day. In addition, students can also use computers in several access areas or labs on either campus that are open from 8:00 am to 2:00 am on most days. These PCs are loaded with academic specific and popular general purpose applications. Whether you own a computer or not, all students have network accounts with ample data storage space, backed up regularly, that can be accessed from either their own computer or from any other PC.
What software is available from the residence hall room?
Student-owned PCs running Windows ME, Windows 2000, and Windows XP will have access to the same software available in the computer access areas. If the computer is a Macintosh system, the student will have access to e-mail and the Internet.
What is the charge for a residence hall room connection?
There is no connection fee. When students arrive on campus they will be given instructions for connecting their workstations to the campus network. Most students are able to connect their workstations without assistance. Connection Assistance Rooms will be open on each campus. Students requiring connection assistance can drop off their CPU at a Connection Assistance Room.