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Financial Matters

Financial Aid


Stuart Perry, Director
Mary Dehler, Associate Director/First-year Students
Tasha Marwitz, Assistant Director/Education Loan Coordinator
Barb Fahnhorst, Director of Student Employment
Sandy Dirkes, Office Coordinator

Do we need to reapply for need-based financial aid each year?

Yes.  Need-based aid is awarded on an annual basis.  Most institutional scholarships automatically renew.  Students are encouraged to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year by our March 1 priority deadline.  A FAFSA must be completed each year to be considered for need-based aid. 

How do students apply for loans which have been awarded?

Perkins Loan recipients will receive all the necessary loan information from our office before classes start. Stafford Loan recipients receive forms in the summer; instructions will be included.  Using electronic funds transfer allows us to reduce paperwork and expedite the application and disbursement processes.

When are the loan funds credited to the student’s account?

In accordance with federal guidelines, one-half of the Perkins Loan is credited for the fall semester when bills are mailed home.  Likewise, in accordance with Stafford Loan guidelines, one-half of the loan is credited when the loan proceeds are received by Saint John’s from the lender.  For new students, this will not usually take place until 10 days after classes begin.  In the interim, students are advised to subtract the anticipated loan amount from their bills for fall semester. 

Can adjustments be made to an award if our family’s financial circumstances change after the FAFSA is completed?

Adjustments are possible when circumstances change (e.g. death of a parent, loss of employment, divorce, etc.)  In such instances, parents and students are encouraged to first contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss the situation.

Are student loans available for students who are not eligible for Federal Subsidized Stafford Loans?

Yes.  The Minnesota-sponsored SELF loan is a possibility.  In addition, there are several alternative loans available through a variety of lenders.  The Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan or the Federal Plus Loan may also be options.

How are campus jobs coordinated?

Whenever possible, campus-based employment is offered as part of a student’s financial aid package.  Preference is given to students with the greatest documented financial need. For students not awarded campus-based employment, a waiting list is established each academic year.

What if my son struggles to find time to work?

In addition to providing income, campus-based employment provides students opportunities to develop job skills, work in a professional setting, learn about the inner workings of Saint John’s, expand their circle of friends and network of support, and manage time wisely.  Schedules are designed to accommodate class, lab and extracurricular demands.  Most students come to value these jobs a great deal, and they should be encouraged to stick with it during the early adjustment period.