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Counseling and Health Promotion

Dr. Michael Eing, Director of Counseling and Health Promotion

What is Counseling Services?

The mission of Counseling Services is to help students enhance their personal and academic well being. Licensed psychologists provide prevention, intervention, information, and referral services to CSB and SJU students and also provide consultation and training to faculty, staff, students, and concerned others to help them address the developmental and psychological needs of students.

What services are provided by the Counseling Services staff?

Individual, Couples, and Group Counseling

Counseling Services offers individual, anxiety, substance abuse, relationship problems, self-exteem, stress, loneliness, cultural adjustment, trauma, academic motivation, and other concerns. There are no fees for individual, couples, or group counseling and psychological services. There may be nominal fees for testins and some psycho-educational workshops.

Outreach and Consultation Services

Counseling Services staff members provide outreach programs that include educational prsentations, workshops, and training modules. Common requests for programs are stress management, communication skills, healthy relationship skills, diversity awareness, college student development, men's and women's development and health, and substance use issues.

Screenings for alcohol use, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders are provided. Students may obtain confidential, anonymous screenings to assess their behaviors, obtain educational materials, and access counseling services.

Consultation services are available to faculty, staff, students, and parents to help them address the developmental and psychological needs of students.

Substance Abuse Services

Prevention and Education Services:
Workshops, videotapes and information files on alcohol and other drugs are available for students, faculty, and staff. Opportunities are provided to clarify personal values regarding non-use, moderate use, and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

Intervention, Assessment, and Referral Services:
Staff members assist students who are concerned about their use of alcohol or other drugs or who are referred by someone who is concerned about their use. Substance abuse assessments are available to help clients determine the nature and effects of their alcohol or other drug use. Counselors offer recommendations and referrals for any concerns identified through the screening.

What is Health Promotion?

The Goal of Health Promotion is to increase the level of understanding of health issues by students and employees and work toward creating a campus that promotes and encourages healthy behaviors and a balanced life.

*Assessment of health and wellness status and needs of students
*Holistic health opportunities for students and employees
*Information and resources on health and wellness
*Individual/Group consultation on health promotion/lifestyle issues
*Alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse prevention programming/information/campaigns
*Peer health promotion programming/campaigns
*Outreach to campus constituencies, surrounding community and parents related to health and wellness issues
*Group presentations, residential and other targeted programming related to health and wellness issues.
*Tobacco cessation counseling
*Information resource and referral

What is SJ Health Initiative?
The SJ Health Initiative is a multi-level, multi-strategy health promotion effort directed by student facilators toward issues that affect college-age men, and the behaviors that could positively influence their health in the future. These facilitators are advised by the Health and Wellness Coordinator. This group also cooperates/collaborates with other health promotion efforts on campus to keep health and wellness in the forefront on this campus. In addition to contributing to an increased level of understanding of men's health issues by students and employees, they are working toward creating a campus that promotes and encourages health behaviors.