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Career Services

Dr.Heidi Harlander, Director of Career Services

Career Services

Career Services assists students in translating their liberal arts education into future opportunities for work, graduate school, and full-time service, as well as acquiring skills necessary to make life-ling career decisions. Our career development model emphasizes intentional and active engagement by students throughout their college career. The model includes:

  • Self Exploration: Examine one's values, strengths, interests, abilities and goals.
  • Exploring Majors and Careers: Learn about major and career possibilities that fit one's values, strengths, interests, abilities and goals. Become familiar with career resources that can assist with choice of major, career-related experiences, and career choice.
  • Gaining Experience: Integrate an honest awareness of self with career possibilities and then test through a variety of experiences (e.g., internships, jobs, undergraduate research, volunteer work, clinicals, practicums)
  • Planning for After Graduation: Strive for graduate school, pursue employment or explore full-time service.

The career staff provides a variety of services, programs, and resources to help students in their career development beginning their first year of college and continuing through their college career.

  • Individual appointments with a Career Counselor are available to discuss development model (e.g., What Can I do with a Major in ____?, Careers in ____, Applying to Graduate School, Career Planning from a Liberal Arts Perspective, Resume and Letter Writing, Networking for Success, Interviewing, Finding an Internship, Volunteering Full-Time After Graduation), are offered throughout the academic year. Career Services works with all the Minnesota private colleges to host Pathways which focuses on liberal arts education and careers in a selected field (e.g., Arts, BioSciences, Communications).
  • The Resource Center (RC) and career website ( contain information about major and career decision-making, graduate school, volunteerism, interning, summer employment, full-time employment, and the development of career tools (e.g., resumes, letters, interviewing skills, networking skills, portfolios). Students can find databases linking them to a variety of experiences and post-graduation opportunities. The Career Assistants, student paraprofessionals, provide individual service to students utilizing the RC.
  • E-link, our online carer tool, can be used by students to upload their resumes and cover letters, apply for online positions, view the career calender to learn about career events, read career and industry information in their field of interest, and schedule on-campus interviews for full-time positions and internships.
  • The career office works extensively with our alumni. The Career Exploration Series brings alums to campus to discuss their career experiences and fields. At Networking/Interviewing Nights, students can meet alums and learn how to enhance their skills as these seek internships and full-time positions. Commute to Careers programs are hosted by alums at their organization; students can meet and learn from alums in these various career settings. Students can discuss major and career topics, internship and job oppertunities, and specific organizations with alums at the Job/Internship Fair Reception. The Career Networking (CANE) files, located in the Resource Center, list alumni who have volunteered to help students with their major and career-related questions.
  • Programs are offered through Career Services to assist students in gaining experience (e.g., internships, undergraduate research, volunteering). On-Campus Interviewing for Internships, the Minnesota Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair, Minnesota Government Jobs and Internship Fair, and internship databases are programs that help students acquire career skills while seeking an experience to test-out their academic experience and learn more about themselves. Also, Career Service extensively markets external opportunities that can be beneficial to our students seeking experience.
  • Career Services assists students as they intentionally prepare for the transition from college. Opportunities directly provided by Career Services include: a) Individual appointments with a Career Counselor to discuss career goals and searches; b) career seminars focused on seeking employment, applying to graduate school, and pursuing full-time service opportunities (e.g., Peace Corps, Americorp); c) On-Campus Interviewing program which brings regional and national companies to campus to interview graduating seniors; d) Job Fairs including Minnesota Government Joba dn Internship Fair, The Tri-College Job Fair, and the CSB/SJU Nursing Fair e) graduate school events (e.g., workshops on preparing essays and applications, Graduate School Fair; Interviewing for Graduate School, The Graduate School Process panel); f) Volunteer 9After Graduation) Fair and panels on full-time service; g) on-line resume service; and h) computerized job listings. Also, Career Services works to connect our graduating students to external career opportunities.