Men's Development Institute was established on February 20th 2014. Men's Development Institute was founded by six johnnies along with the assistance of various adminstration members. These individuals hoped MDI would deal with pernnially low rates of Johnnie involvement, untouched gender issues, and provide an atmosphere of growth and engagement for students.


April 2013
One senior Johnnie had the idea to get a Men's Center started on campus to run parallel to that of the College of Saint Benedict's Institute of Women's Leadership. With little time left and much support from the Johnnies on campus, the Johnnie was unable to see his dreams fulfilled.

September 2013
Six Johnnies came together each with an interest they hoped a Men's Center would touch upon. These six students met multiple times at the Local Blend in St. Joseph to discuss potential events, in an upper Sexton meeting room to put together a draft proposal, and in dorms to finalize ideas.

October 2013
These six Johnnies met numerious times with faculty and staff such as Brandyn Woodard, Shane Miller, and Marah-Jacobson-Schulte to seek guidance and draft up a final proposition.

November 2013
The students presented to Student Development and were able to obtain institutional backing.

February 2014
Men's Development Student Director and Public Relations Coordinator were hired. MDI presented to St. John's Senate gaining both social and financial support for their first launch event.