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Off-Campus Release Process

Community living is centrally important to the experience of attending Saint John's University. As such, Saint John's students are required to live on campus throughout their enrollment as undergraduate students.


For more detailed information, including request forms, current students can visit our Intranet Website.


The Residency Requirement Exemption Committee will determine, based on specific criteria, which students will be granted an exemption to live off campus. There are many factors that go into the committee deciding whether or not to allow a student to be released from this requirement. These factors may include, but are not limited to:

  • Class standing
  • Students doing internships, clinical or student teaching a reasonable distance from Saint John's
  • Judicial incidents
  • Students who live within 20 miles and are planning to stay at home with their guardians
  • Age (students over the age of 23 are more likely to be allowed to live off campus)
  • Students who are married or are custodial parents
  • Military service veteran status

There are some immediate criteria for denial of requests for off campus release. These criteria include, but are not limited to:

  • Currently on academic probation
  • Currently on student conduct probation
  • Cumulative GPA lower that 2.5

Residency Requirement Exemption Committee

The Residency Requirement Exemption Committee is a partnership of several administrative departments and students. The committee is responsible for the review and the continual development of this exemption process.

Process Leadership

The Office of Residential Life and Housing is charged with implementing the residency requirement exemption process:

  • Assistant Director of Housing, Committee Chair
  • Director of Residential Life and Housing

Administrative partners

The administrative partners on the committee verify information submitted on student applications and help to determine if a student is eligible for consideration:

  • Conduct review - Assistant Dean of Students or designee
  • Academic review - Academic Advisor
  • Financial request review - Director of Student Accounts or designee
  • Medical request review - Disability Specialist
  • Faculty Resident Representative

Student Partners

The student partners help the committee to maintain transparency, help to determine if a student is eligible for consideration, and provide a voice for the student body in the continual development of this release process:

  • Resident Assistant Representative
  • SJU Senate Representative


September 1

  • Parents are notified via Saints News and the parent website
  • Forms Manager request form is live
  • Announcement on the front page of the Residential Life website

Mid-Sept - Oct 14

  • Weekly reminders to students

October 15

  • All student requests - due date

November 1

  • Notification of student eligibility

Early November

  • Appeals reviewed
  • Group formation, if desired
  • Exemption Lottery
  • Notifications of release

End of Fall Semester

  • Students accept/decline offer to live off-campus