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Fall 2013 Squad 


St. John's EMS is a part of the St. John's University Life Safety department.  The volunteer members provide rapid response to any medical emergency that occurs in the St. John's community.
About 20 volunteers, mostly undergraduate students from both the CSB and SJU campuses, serve on the EMT squad.  Volunteers are certified as EMT-Basics or First Responders through the State of Minnesota's Emergency Services Regulatory Board.
St. John's EMS provides a team approach to medical emergencies that is available 24/7 through the academic year.  Each semester SJU EMTs volunteer over 6,000 hours to the Saint John's Community; responding to over 135 requests for service.  Additional stand-by coverage at University events such as Johnnie Football games, 12-Pines and commencement is provided by squad members.
Through a close partnership with St. John's Life Safety and the Fire Departments, the EMTs make the St. John's community a safer place to learn and live.
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