SJU housing deadlines announced for 2013-2014

As the fall semester comes to a close, students are starting to look ahead and consider their housing options for the 2013-2014 academic year. We in the SJU Department of Residential Life and Housing have completed the process to request exemption to the residency requirement during the fall semester, and now we want to provide you some information as your son approaches you for advice in regard to his housing decisions for the upcoming year.

Room selection dates 2013:
  • Deadline for completing the 2013 Student Housing Registration Form 
  • March 13 - Apartment Selection (senior majority)
  • March 19 - Apartment Selection (remaining rising seniors and juniors)
  • April 2 - Room selection for remaining rising seniors and juniors
  • April 4 - Room selection for rising sophomores

Is your son studying abroad during Fall 2013? We will send out a questionnaire in early September asking students their preferences for Spring 2014.  When your son returns in the spring, we will do our best to place him according to his request. If he is aware of a vacancy created by a friend leaving campus at the end of fall semester, he can request to swap into that spot.

For more information, visit our room selection  webpage.