Poverty Simulation

What is the Poverty Simulation?

Face the Facts:  Understanding Urban Poverty©
is a poverty simulation.  It was created as a tool to help explore the many facets of poverty.  This simulation was designed to guide participants in playing the role of a two parent, double income family with three children.  The challenge is to cover all the major material necessities a family has (housing, daycare, transportation, healthcare, food, household utilities and goods, and clothing) on a limited budget for one month.  Along the way,  various situations occur, as they are apt to in real life; your car may break down or you may get to work a few hours extra.  By itself, the simulation is a great resource.  Paired with reflection and discussion, it becomes a powerful tool. 


©Original Simulation and Leader's Guide created by Vicki Wunch and Mike Manhard from Congregations in Community at the Great Minneapolis Council of Churches  Updates created by Sara Liegl and Kiely Todd from Congregations in Community at the Saint Paul Area Council of Churches.

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