Our Charge

The SJU Office of Campus Ministry is to operate in accord with the Catholic Benedictine character and mission of Saint John's University. It is to be as "an expression of the Church's special desire to be present to all who are involved in higher education" (cf. Empowered by the Spirit: Campus Ministry Faces the Future [ES],13). As such, the SJU Office of Campus Ministry will carry out the Church's mission to "preach the Gospel of Christ and to help the human family achieve its full destiny"... through the "formation of individuals who have a sense of ultimate purpose and are moving toward greater freedom, maturity, and integration"...with a "sense of responsibility for the common good" that is supported by the development of skills "for active involvement in community life." (cf. ES 17).

In this light, the SJU Office of Campus Ministry is specifically charged with addressing the pastoral and spiritual needs of the undergraduate men who are students of Saint John's University. That is, the SJU Office of Campus Ministry must be attentive to using the lens of gender to recognize the needs and proclivities of students in planning, implementing, and assessing ministry programs for student engagement and growth.