Corporate Credit Card Information

Policy Statement


The Order of St. Benedict recognizes that certain positions within the corporation require travel on a regular basis. (A regular basis is typically defined as traveling for the corporation on the average of once every other month.) With this in mind, and upon the recommendation of the executive-in-charge and the approval of the Vice President of Administrative Services or the Corporate Treasurer, as appropriate, the individuals holding these positions are eligible to receive a corporate credit card.

Procedures for Acquiring Card
  1. The executive-in-charge must give authorization for an employee to acquire a corporate credit card. This can be done by contacting Ruth Jackson in the Business Office at #3166.
  2. The Business Office will make the necessary arrangements to acquire a credit card for the employee. It normally takes 10-14 days to acquire a card.
Use of the Corporate Credit Card
  1. The purpose of a corporate credit card is to facilitate business conducted on behalf of the corporation. Eligible expenditures include transportation, meals, lodging and other business travel related expenses. Although St. John’s must pay sales tax on lodging and meals, please use the sales tax exemption certificate for all other purchases including phone orders! The tax exempt # is 8339951 and you can get the certificate from Accounts Payable Wimmer 201.
  2. All expenses need to be substantiated by itemized receipts.  Any charges unsubstantiated will be considered personal expenses and will be reimbursed either by a personal check or by a reduction to the employee's payroll.
  3. Cash advances are prohibited.  There are other more cost effective ways to access cash.  For example, from Student Accounts.
  4. Use of a corporate credit card for personal expenses is prohibited.
  5. The Corporation has the option of deducting any late fees, sales tax and cash advance fees from the employee's payroll.
Payment Procedures
  1. The Monthly billing statement will be sent directly to the employee holding the corporate credit card. The statement must be reviewed by the employee for verification of charges, signed, and the original receipts must be attached.
  2. The immediate supervisor must then review the statement with accompanying receipts and sign indicating approval.
  3. The statement should be forwarded to the Accounts Payable Office in Wimmer 201 by the 15th of each month. It will be reviewed for proper documentation and signatures and then paid.
Lost Credit Cards
  1. It is the employee’s responsibility to immediately report a lost card to the Credit Card Company. They will assist the employee in acquiring a new card. You should also report the lost card to Ruth in the Business Office at #3166.