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Time: Your Greatest Resource

Presented By:  Jenny Miller, Licensed Psychologist

Date: April 1, 2008

Event Summary:

This SELT sponsored presentation was facilitated by Sara Borgen.  There were 14 people signed up and 12 people attended 4 staff and 8 students; 4 of which were walk-ins.  Jenny’s presentation consisted of a power point presentation accompanied by a Time Management Worksheet hand-out, developed by Academic Advising, and a demonstration of how to prioritize your weekly tasks.  The demonstration consisted of a jar, rocks and beans.  The beans indicated those smaller tasks and non-essential activities and the rocks represented more important tasks such as papers, tests, a job, etc. The end result was that if you focus on the larger tasks that are of higher importance you still have room in your week to attend to the smaller non-essential tasks.  Jenny also made use of a participant volunteer with a question and answer session of listing your tasks, determining the time involved to complete them and then prioritizing them.   There was also discussion as to how the volunteer identified each tasks importance level.

Some technical difficulties occurred prior to the start of the presentation; the COW was not hooked up and after several attempts by Jenny and an I.T. staff member that was also a participant for the day, we contacted events to assist us.  It would be helpful if events could have a cheat sheet as to how to run their equipment in each of the various rooms since they all seem to differ.