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The Global Workplace

March 26, 2008
12:00 – 1:30 pm
Gorecki 204

Participants enjoyed a luncheon of various cultural foods (pot stickers, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, hummus, baklava, egg rolls, and other tasty treats) created by the chefs at the Gorecki Center.

Addy Spitzer and Lisa Scott Geller moderated this event.  They began with an overview of what it is like for an international student to be immersed into American culture.  In order to give us a better idea of what it is like, they handed out a form to the 35 attendees.  They were instructed to follow the directions of writing right to left, filling in all the blanks, in a neat fashion or they would need to begin again.  The last instruction was that they were not able to ask questions!   This gave everyone an idea of what international students go through and the frustrations they feel.  Joining Addy and Lisa was a panel of international students.  They gave us an idea of what employment was like in their countries, what they thought about Minnesota, our work culture and the food we eat.  The general consensus was that Americans are too up tight about time schedules and in most of the countries represented that being 10-15 minutes late is really NO BIG DEAL!   The weather in Minnesota is very cold and our food is too bland. 

Participants were encouraged to step out of their box and take time to get to know the international students.  Addy and Lisa said our international students would love to be invited to American homes and share with them a glimpse of what American life is like.