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SELT Event Summaries

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    November 16:  Empowering Student Employees   In this session we examined delegation and empowerment through small group activities, a hands-on demonstration, and fun! 

    November 9: Responsibilities/Expectations for Student Employees  This session included small group breakout and large group dialogue discussing areas of workload, challenges versus busy work, professional expectations, responsibilities and work ethic.

    October 24:  Conflict Management  This course used discussion and role play to learn about: acceptance of conflict as a natural and pervasive element in all relationships; awareness of different forms of conflict; managing conflict from a leadership position and managing conflict in personal life. 

    October 19:  Basics for Supervisors  Through role playing and “real case” discussion of scenarios, participants will gain a better understanding of student employment expectations for supervisors and for students.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to solve problems that plague most supervisors (i.e. absenteeism, responsibility, initiative).

    October 5 & 11:  Leading a Balanced Life Through a process involving a short presentation, followed by small group discussion and personal reflection, the group examined ways in which vocation and discernment relate to the work in which a person is employed. The group identified ways in which a person is able to balance a personal life with employment in such a way as to work toward a life of wholeness.


    September 15:  Dealing with Destressed Students  A session to help us understand the stresses of students throughout the calendar year, learn about the resources available on campus and how to utilize them, and learn how to address and confront students with issues.  Facilitated by Jenny Miller, psychologist for CSB/SJU Counseling Services. 

    October 5: Best Practices in Supervising Student Employees  Interested in maximizing your department's human resources?  Whether you have 2, 25, or 50, student employees are important and essential to the success of our departments.  In this event information and ideas were shared about best practices in the areas of:  Orientation/Training/Goal Setting for Student Employees and Customer Service - How to teach "Good Customer Service" 

    November 8:  From Backpack to Briefcase  A panel of recent graduates and a senior student who have made the most of their student employment and extra-curricular activities (internships, research, on-campus clubs and organizations) offerend advice on how to use the opportunities at CSB/SJU to help prepare for life after graduation.

    January 19:  How Welcoming Is Your Space  A panel of students will discuss what makes a workspace welcoming to them.  Examples of both positive and negative experiences will be discussed and conversation on how we can make our workspaces welcoming to all students will be explored.


    December 7: SELT HELP:  Providing References and Recommendation Letters for Student Employees:  Minefield or Opportunity? Facilitated by Tracey Birr and Kirsten Cahoon

    March 7:  Professional Development: Supervising Student Employees - Secrets to Success  Addressed supervising student employees effectively, including the use of need-based management techniques and nine key building blocks for success.  Facilitated by Terry Everson, Vice President of Training for Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation.


    August 13: SELT HELP: Supervisor Orientation & Training Tips for Student Employees.  Facilitated by Cindy Dirkes and Becky Rawe.

    September 30:  SELT HELP: Student Manager Tricks.  A session for students who supervise.  Learn tricks that do and do not work when supervising others.  Facilitated by Jennifer Anderson, Bob Filipczak, Angie Schmidt.

    November 5:  SELT HELP: Gaining Experience through Student Employment and Internships.  Panel of CSB and SJU students discuss their experiences and share how valuable these opportunities can be for your career development.

    November 19: Professional Development: Women, Men, and Student Employment  A discussion of gender, employment and best practices at CSB/SJU, presented by Gar Kellom and Mary Geller, Vice Presidents of Student Development for the two colleges.

    December 2: SELT HELP: Hiring Tips - Job Descriptions, Applications, and Interviewing Techniques.  Presenters: Heidi Harlander, Mary Harlander-Locke, and John Clarkson of the CSB Career Services and SJU Personal & Professional Development Offices.  Session address legal and ethical job descriptions, applications and interviews.

    March 17: Professional Development - Working With International Students at CSB/SJU.  A panel of CSB and SJU international students share personal stories to promote awareness of student employment issues they face on campus. Facilitated by Lynda Fish, CSB/SJU Academic Advising, and Addy Spitzer, CSB/SJU International Student Office. The PowerPoint for this presentation is available by clicking here.

    March 24: SELT HELP: Communication 101:  A Refresher Course in Working with Others.  Presented by Kelly Schackmann Crue, Residence Director at the College of Saint Benedict.  Session addresses non-verbal communication, listening skills, and conflict resolution.

    April 6: SELT HELP: Painless Performance Appraisals. Presented by Bob "The Web Guy" Filipczak, Assistant Director of Admission/Web Coordinator.  Session addresses the importance of conducting performance appraisals and how to make them successful for the employee and employer.


    October 29:  Minnesota Work-Study: Past, Present, and Future
    Jane Haugen, John McGee, Mike Wilhemi

    December 3: Emotional Competence: A New Vision of Success
    Pam Smith, American Express

    February 12:  The Millennial Student
    Becky Rawe, Mary Beth Thompson, Michelle Overtoom, Bob Filipczak

    March 25:  Creating Partnerships to Last
    Cindy Browne, The Partnership Continuum

    SELT HELP Events 2002-03


    October 23:  Emerging from the Shadows at Work: Letting Your Light Shine
    Paul LeDuc

    November 19:  Working with Dis-stressed Students – Know the Signs
    Mike Ewing, PhD

    January 23:  Managing Diversity: A New Perspective
    Paul Marsnik, PhD

    February 21:  Your Role as a Mentor: Helping Students Discover Their Calling
    Gina Wolfe, Phd, Jackie Witter, Maureen Otremba

    April 17:  Jump Start Your Team
    S. Lisa Kittock, OSB, Becky Rawe, Michelle Overtoom, and Sara Rothenberger


    October 31st: Life Study...You've Heard of it...What is it?
    Life Study Trainers

    December 7th: Do You Hear What I Hear?
    Interactive Activities/Panel

    February 15th: What Color is Your Leadership Style?
    Eileen Bitzan

    March 28th: Motivation in the Workplace
    Diane Moeller

    April 25th: Confronting Poor Performers with Finesse
    Mary Darnall, Deb Guertin, and Bonnie Kalla