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Orientation Challenge–put the F * U * N back in training!!!!

July 17, 2008
8:29 am
HAB 128 

Angie Arens, Cindy Dirkes and Deb Guertin reminded the 30 attendees at the session to please take advantage of the 90 minutes set aside on Tuesday, August 28th from 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. to conduct a meaningful, effective and fun orientation session with their 2007-2008 staff. 

They suggested the following:

  1. make each student a packet of pertinent information
  2. clearly define expectations for your department
  3. invest in training time, have fun and make sure you provide time for interaction among the team members

If specific departments plan to use a contract with your team members, the  Admission contract Angie Arens and Kay Richter use with their staff gave participants an idea of what to include.  Also shared with the attendees was an  ABC team activity that could be used as an ice breaker during the orientation program.  

Participants were reminded to use the resources we have around us – rather than reinventing a program, make a call and meet with a member of SELT or another CSB/SJU member to exchange ideas. 

Angie, Cindy and Deb encouraged the participants to have fun in orientation planning.  If anyone is interested in developing a theme and want to share it with SELT, they were encouraged to do so.

Each participant was given a “YOU ROCK” award for attending, encouraging each participant to pass on the award to another deserving individual!