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Your Role as a Mentor – Helping Students Discover Their Calling

On Thursday, February 21, 2002, SELT and the Vocation Project co-sponsored a professional development workshop titled, Your Role as a Mentor – Helping Students Discover Their Calling.   Thirty-five CSB/SJU supervisors of students participated in this interactive presentation facilitated by Gina Wolfe, Jackie Witter, and Maureen Otremba.  This event was well-received, as evidenced by the high marks and positive comments on the workshop evaluations.

Gina began the workshop by updating the audience on the mission and goals of the Vocation Project at CSB/SJU and how their presentation on mentoring evolved.  Mentors have a lot to do with forming the lives of others in a positive way.  The goal of the workshop was to explore this calling.

Weaving PowerPoint slides with interactive activities and reflections, Gina and Jackie successfully engaged the participants in meaningful thought and discussion about vocation, vocational discernment, the role of mentor in vocational discernment, definitions of mentor, formal and informal mentors, and the four roles for mentors in vocation discernment.

Especially meaningful to participants were the activities/reflections on defining vocation, our roles as mentors, how mentors in our lives have made a difference to us, and action steps to take in developing our mentoring skills.

The workshop ended with discussion activities relating to which mentoring roles were the most challenging for us individually and concrete actions to take to sustain and develop our mentoring relationships. 

Respectfully submitted by Carol Morris, sub-committee member, along with Mary Harlander-Locke and Tracey Birr.

March 25, 2002