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Jump Start Your Team

SELT PD#5 Team Members:
Carol Morris, S. Lisa Kittock and Barb Fahnhorst

The final 2001-2002 SELT professional development event for supervisors of students was held Wednesday, April 17, 2002 at the CSB Claire Lynch Gym in the Haehn Campus Center from 8:00 – 10:00 A.M.  This fun, interactive workshop focused on teambuilding activities that supervisors of students can use to facilitate team growth.   Sister Lisa Kittock, Michelle Overtoom, Sara Rothenberger and Becky Rawe took turns leading the activities.

The first icebreaker/teambuilding event took place during breakfast.  A list of questions ranging from, “What is your favorite junk food?” to “Name one of your goals for the next three months” directed the conversations at each table.

Next, the group headed to the Claire Lynch Gym and participated in an activity titled The Teamwork Web.  Michelle facilitated this activity using a beach ball and string. The object was to demonstrate the importance of the participation of all team members to gain the best results in any given project.

Sara guided the participants through an activity titled Yes, And.  The objective was to increase positive and creative energy within a group using the rule that when someone comes up with an idea we are to say, “Yes, and” and build on each person’s ideas; rather than say the words “no” or “but”.  Groups were asked to come up with a product to sell, a slogan, a spokesperson, a price, and a jingle.  Three minutes were given to prepare and then each group presented their commercial.  (Yes, this was challenging, given the time frame!)

Becky facilitated the Selling a Zork activity.  The objective was to convince people that they are creative and have the ability to be speakers, performers and persuaders.  Three volunteers came forward to sell a Zork (which turned out to be a strange or unusual object) to the audience.  This activity proved to be entertaining as well as instructive.

The purpose of Square Rope was to focus on communication skills and teamwork. Sister Lisa asked us to form a large circle in the middle of the gym floor and close our eyes (our eyes remained closed for the duration of the activity).  A long rope was then placed near the group and we were instructed to find the rope and then form a perfect square while holding the rope (it was challenging, but we DID it).

Each activity ended with discussion or a group processing sequence to better assist SELT participants in replicating the activities in their individual departments.  A handout was distributed at the end of the session highlighting the objective, brief description, materials needed, time requirement, procedure, and debriefing questions for each activity presented.  Door prizes included a book titled, The Woman’s Book of Creativity by C. Diane Ealy, Ph.D. and props from the activities.

The participants all agreed that this was a rewarding and worthwhile event and that SELT should ask the RD’s to facilitate this same event next academic year with different activities.